Saturday, February 18, 2017


Sometimes the little girl inside comes calling
And surprises me once more.
It happened just the other day
While at the Goodwill store.
These slipper boots called out to me -
The weather had been chilly;
I almost looked behind my back,
Sure folks would think me silly.
But like those boots? Indeed I did,
Enough to make me think
It worth almost any price to pay -
Would they send me to a shrink?
But I decided there and then
Those slippers may be youthful,
But deep inside one knows just when
To face self, and be truthful.
What about those slippers said,
“These are only for the youth”?
Absolutely nothing. In my mind was the real truth!
I’d been thinking the wrong way,
I’d do better to think truthful!
I bought the slippers, brought them home,
And now I float just . . . youthful!
© M.Sue


  1. I am smiling big! What a sweet, youthful story! Love it. and heavens, whose to say what is too young for us girls at heart?!

    1. Thank you, Friend!
      Sometimes one just must go with the flow! For $2.99,it was a bargain I knew I deserved and would feel bad were I to walk away without! :-)

  2. LOVE both the poem and the slippers! So very glad you bought them!

    1. Thank you, Sallie. I was so excited when I saw they were my size!