Monday, September 16, 2013


    My mom did a lot of cooking and I became the sole possessor of a favored nine-inch shiny aluminum baking pan after she died.  At first glance the pan looks empty to one who sees it but to me it is filled with thoughts and memories.  Let’s take a closer look.
    A little bulge on the upper rolled edge near a rounded corner causes me to wonder how it got there.  Perhaps it was from being not well-packed in one of the many moves it was forced to make.  Maybe it was dropped on the floor or pounded into a floor by an ambitious toddler grandchild who thought it was the best toy ever created.    
    There is also a grayish colored lime deposit water line about 1-and1/4” on the inside.  That is most likely from water added in which glass custard cups were set while the custard baked to a lovely smooth creamy consistency, topped with a golden brown crusty rim around the upper edge. Sprinkles of nutmeg were added that caused the house to smell like Christmas whenever the time of year.
    Tiny pits on the bottom of the pan make it look sand-blasted.  Since I know it was never treated in such a manner, I suspect those appeared as another result of the water used when baking the custard.  These little tiny holes do not detract from the ability to bake some tasty morsels in there though!
    Shiny silver lines like plaid crisscross the bottom. Many times fudge or brownies were cut right in the pan as they were served directly from it.
    Holding that silvery pan in my aging hands causes my mind to return to the brilliant shine in my mother’s so-brown-they-were-nearly-black eyes whenever she was offered anything chocolate that came from that (or any other) pan!  One of the things she was known for was her love of chocolate and in that regard the gene pool proves I am truly her daughter, the rightful present owner of the shiny aluminum baking pan!

© M Sue         8-13-06                          

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