Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Friends Dorri Jones and Norma Anderson are well aware of my love for my home state of Maine, especially the rockbound coast, so years ago when a particular occasion came around, they wanted to give me a special reminder: a reminder not only of my love for all things related to the craggy coastline of the land of my birth but also a reminder of their love for me and their awareness of my love for all things related to Maine’s coast.

They gave me a beautiful solar-powered lighthouse just like the one in this photo, but not this very one.  You see, in order for the light at the very top to work during the dark of night, it requires a full day of being in direct sunlight.  It is built to be patio d├ęcor; however, to our dismay, it was not built to withstand West Texas winds on a patio as unsheltered as ours!  

I had placed it above ground level and one day while we were away, it blew to the cement and smashed irreparably.  Besides my own despair at its loss was the dread I had in having to tell Dorri and Norma of its devastation.  I waited, but eventually had to tell so I could ask where I could go to get a replacement.  Every local merchant indicated it was seasonal merchandise, so using the name of the lighthouse on the paperwork that came with it, I searched the Internet and finally found one!  This picture is a special set-up outside so you can get a clear view, but as you can see from the earlier office view August 29, 2013 post in http://dear2miheart.blogspot.com/2013/08/seeds-within-seeds.html, it now has a safer home on the floor of my office near a window!  It is too dear to my heart to be left to the West Texas winds!

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