Saturday, September 7, 2013


    Included as Dear To My Heart on my bookshelves you will see:  Write Articles From The Heart by Marjorie Holmes, The Right To Write by Julia Cameron, and Wildflowers of Texas by Geyata Ajilvsgi. With so many books in sight, you may be wondering why I chose only those three titles and why I didn't mention The Bible.
     Yes, God’s Word is Dear To My Heart: however, the only Bibles on my bookshelves are versions used on occasion that are kept there for convenient storage.  My daily use Bibles are on my iPad and/or kept where I can easily pick them up when I sit down.
     The book, Write Articles From The Heart by Marjorie Holmes, holds special meaning to my heart based on one sentence of encouragement it contains.  The message I brought away is that a person with talent has a duty to use it.  At the beginning of her book, Ms. Holmes describes uplifting words regarding her early writing.  Though I am no Marjorie Holmes, I too, have had such and if I stay away from my writing too long, I am reminded of "my duty".  Though as anyone who writes knows, I cannot stop writing; it's just that there are times that I have to have a hiatus.
    Another favorite inspiration has been The Right To Write by Julia Cameron.  I have been so thankful for the day I first found it at our local library!  Once I opened the book, I had difficulty putting it down except to put into practice the writing recommendations of  Ms. Cameron.  It was here I learned of "Morning Pages", the daily practice of three 8.5 x 11.5" pages of handwriting whatever first morning thoughts come into your mind and off the tip of your pen or pencil. 
     A few weeks after our almost 17-year-old Yorkie had to be put to sleep, I questioned whether I'd really made the right decision. Because I practiced writing "Morning Pages" I had a well-documented journal of Tray's last days.   In my grief, I'd been remembering what I wanted to...her healthier days.   As I read those pages, I was reminded of the things I'd been willing to overlook in my loss.  A comforting truth was in those handwritten words from fifteen years ago that remain Dear To My Heart.
    Not to be overlooked is Wildflowers of Texas by Geyata Ajilvsgi, a most valuable resource for answers to my never-ending, "What is the name of this flower?" frequently following many of my photo finds.  In recent years, I have found a new love in life, that of photos and flowers.  Therefore, having this book at my fingertips has become Dear To My Heart in helping me learn new flower names not just for myself but that I will be able to share the information with others on My Living Lens blog. ( 
    Because of my interest in expressing myself well, most of the book titles that appear in this photo have to do with writing.  It's a small amount in comparison to what I had on my bookshelves about a year ago.  Hopefully the missing ones have found happy homes in the hands of other would-be writers who found them at the local library book sale to which they were donated.  Maybe this number will also dwindle but some will likely be there when I am no longer here.  They have been promised to a granddaughter who showed writing promise from her first lessons of learning to write sentences.  I believe some will be Dear To Her Heart.

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